Keep cool & dry with CoolMax Socks

What is CoolMax?

Coolmax is a engineed textile, patented by DuPont (now Invista) in 1986, designed to increase breathability and wick moisture. It is made from polyester fibres and is often mixed with other materials like cotton, spandex and wool to make athletic or casual apparel that keeps it's wearer dry and comfortable. 

How does it work?

Coolmax fibres are oblong shaped with grooves along the threads running lengthwise. In the manufacturing process these threads are run through a hexachannel (channel with 6 sides) so that there are gaps for the moisture (sweat) to move from the inside of the fabric touching your skin to a larger surface area on the outside of the fabric where it then evaporates. 
This process of evaporation cools your foot down thus creating a cooling fabric that helps regulate your body temperature. The more hot your body becomes, the more you sweat and the more evaportion occurs which cools your body down. 

coolmax wicks moisture

   Canadian Made CoolMax Walking/Hiking Socks 

canadian made coolmax hiking and walking socks

 Designer CoolMax Cycling/Running Socks 
coolmax running and cycling socks

CoolMax Performance Toe Socks 
coolmax performace toe socks
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