Q: What’s the easiest way to find what I’m looking for? I don’t know where to start! 

We know navigating our website can be overwhelming due to the sheer number of choices available! We recommend first-time buyers start at our best sellers page here to get a good idea of what our most popular outdoor and made-in-Canada socks are, and to browse our novelty socks by subcategory.

Our socks are also grouped by material, function, brand, and size in the top drop-down menu, with additional filters available in those pages so you can further refine your search.

Q: I’m a shoe size ___. What sock size do I fit into?

Every product listing contains a chart of available sizes and the range of US shoe sizes they fit into - please refer to this when buying.

For J.B. Field’s, Vagden, and Arriva socks, and for comparing with EU shoe sizes, you may also refer to our size guide.


Q: Which products are made by you and which ones are imported?

All J.B. Field’s socks, plus some Vagden and Arriva socks, are made by us at our factory in Toronto!

You can see which styles store-wide are Canadian-made by their “made in Canada'' icon in the main picture. You can also find our store’s Canadian-made products grouped together in the “Brands” section of our drop-down menu.

Q: How often, if at all, do you restock?

We are constantly making new batches of our homemade socks (J.B. Field’s and Vagden merino wool), so it’s extremely rare for any styles, colours, or sizes to be out of stock for more than a few days. If a J.B. Field’s style or variant is out of stock, it is either being discontinued or it will be restocked in a few weeks.

We re-stock all other brands periodically - the frequency varies based on the brand and the time of year. We are constantly getting new styles and replacing old ones so we can never guarantee a specific style will be restocked, however we make sure to re-order our store’s most popular styles if they’re available!

Q: Why is this style unavailable in a certain size or colour?

Each different style, size, and colour of sock is a big process to undertake, so we need to be sure it will sell enough to make and re-make. However, if there is enough demand for a new style, size, or colour we can look into making it, so we are open to suggestions!

Q: Will my socks shrink after multiple uses and washes?

All J.B. Field’s socks are pre-washed and pre-shrunk, so shrinkage is minimal at most. See further down the page for more information about taking care of your socks

Q: Where are your materials sourced from? Are they organic/humane?

We make our socks with the highest quality and most environmentally friendly fibres we can get.

Our merino wool is ethically sourced from Australia and is certified by the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS), which means, among other things, that the merino sheep are NOT muelsed and that farmland is used according to the best environmental practices. You can find out more about the RWS here.

Our organic cotton is GOTS-certified, so, among other things, it’s grown without GMO’s and coloured using non-toxic dyes. You can find more about the Global Organic Textile Standard here.

We also use other environmentally friendly practices such as giving customers the option of receiving J.B. Field’s socks without packaging - which we then re-use.

Q: I prefer looser socks that don’t cut off my circulation. Where can I find those?

You can find socks like these in our diabetic section, which contains all non-binding styles that generally fit quite loosely!

Q: Do you have any socks with seamless toe?

Q for Quinn and some Stance socks are made with a seamless toe closure for reduced friction.

We also make a couple of styles under our house brand with a seamless toe, these are the diabetic 98% Cotton Cushion and the Summer Hiker (both crew and low-cut).


Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, Diners Club, Paypal, Shop Pay, and Google Pay.

Q: How do I use my loyalty points?

Click the red icon with the handbag in the bottom right corner of any page, and it will show you which rewards we offer. If you’re already logged in, it will show you which ones you’re eligible for. Please note that you need to register an account on our website, but don’t worry - it’s free!

To use your reward points, select the reward you want and it will display a code. You can either click “apply code” and it will automatically be added at checkout during your current session, or you can copy the code and paste it during the checkout process (look for the field that says “Gift card or discount code” on the right-hand side of the screen during checkout).

Q: Why is my discount code not applying?

You can only use one discount code at check-out per order. This includes loyalty and review awards, the sock of the week discount, and some - but not all - site-wide sales. This does not include products and variants which are already marked as a discounted price on the listing itself.

Q: How do you determine the cost of shipping fees and how long does it take to ship?

Shipping fees vary by province or country, between $10-20 CAD, and are based on the rates charged by Canada Post and USPS, respectively. The cost and time it takes to ship generally increases the further you are from southern Ontario. You can avoid shipping fees by ordering over $85 CAD worth of merchandise, or coming to one of our stores yourself to either pick up or browse.

Please consult our delivery policy for more details

Q: Why have I been charged for shipping?

Orders over $85 CAD qualify for free shipping - this number does not include taxes but DOES include discounts. Some orders may be over the $85 threshold before checkout, but then dip under it once a discount code is applied, which means a shipping charge is then added. Please refer to this chart for free shipping thresholds you need to reach BEFORE check-out:

  • 5% off = $89.50 pre-discount
  • 10% off = $94.50 pre-discount
  • 15% off = $100 pre-discount

Q: Do you ship outside of Canada and the USA?

Yes, we can! Please contact orders@greatsox.com with your country, shipping address, and what you would like to order, and we’ll get back to you with a quote. Please note that we will only charge you for the merchandise and shipping fee. You, the customer, will be responsible for any customs or duty fees charged when you pick your order up.

Q: Do you offer local pick-up? How does it work?

We do offer local pickup at each of our three retail stores! Once you've filled in your address on the check-out page, you can select pick-up at any of our stores as the shipping method.

Note that pickup orders go through our office and warehouse first so are rarely ready for pick-up on the same day. If you're in a hurry and want us to put an item aside for you, we recommend phoning the specific store directly. You can find if an item is in stock on the listing page or by asking store staff.

Q: When can I pick my order up?

We’ll send you an e-mail notification when your order is ready for pickup. You may pick up from the location you selected during their store hours. Please see here for all store hours and here for our pickup policy.

Q: I made a mistake submitting my order, can I change it?

If you want to change your order, please let us know immediately and we will do our best to accommodate you. We cannot guarantee that we’ll fix it in time, so make sure your shipping address and selection of quantity, size, and colour are all correct.


Q: My order hasn’t arrived yet.

Check the tracking page which is automatically sent to you when your order is shipped out. If the package is significantly delayed or marked as lost or undelivered, please contact us and we can start a ticket with Canada Post or USPS.

If the tracking page states it’s been delivered but you haven’t received anything, please:

  • Verify that the shipping address you used for your order is correct
  • Check any alternative places it could have been left (i.e. mailbox, porch, building lobby, outside your door, etc)
  • Check if a notice was left with instructions on where to pick your package up
  • Ask any family members, housemates, or neighbours if they’ve received anything

If this search still doesn’t yield anything, contact us and we can start a ticket with Canada Post or USPS.

Q: My order arrived with items missing, wrong, or damaged items. What can I do?

We do not short-ship or replace missing items without notifying the customer first, so please let us know of any issues immediately and gather as much evidence as possible in case we ask you for pictures. This includes the bag or box (if damaged), the packing slip (invoice on the outside of the package with check marks which should match what’s in the bag), and the socks themselves. We will then determine how to rectify the issue and send replacement socks if appropriate.

Please consult our return policy for more information regarding exchanges and refunds.

Q: I’m unsatisfied with the socks I’ve received. Can I return them?

Under our No-risk Guarantee, if you bought a J.B. Field’s product and it doesn’t meet your expectations, we can exchange it with an item that does within one year of purchase

For all other brands, socks must be unworn and unopened for a refund or exchange and you must contact us or send the items back within 14 days of receiving them.

Please consult our return policy and our No Risk Guarantee for more details.

Q: What are some tips for ensuring my socks last as long as possible?

  • Follow washing instructions which are available on the product page and on the physical packaging
  • Wash inside out. This keeps the outside of the sock looking brand new and washes away sweat and bacteria which can accumulate on the inside of the sock
  • Line dry or, if not possible, dry on low heat. Drying and washing on the gentlest cycle, and even hand washing, helps too
  • Ensure your shoes fit you well and are not worn out - this improves comfort and reduces friction
  • Use socks for their appropriate use - generally socks with cushioning are designed for more rugged use and last longer (so don’t go on an intense hike with thin casual socks!)


Q: Do you sell your socks wholesale?

We do offer J.B. Field’s (as well as some Vagden and Arriva) socks wholesale! Our minimum order quantity is 72 pairs but this can be split up between multiple styles. Please reach out to orders@greatsox.com and briefly share information on your store or business and we can help set you up and send you our price list and catalogue.

Q: Do you make custom designs?

We can make custom designs under our wholesale program, however the minimum quantity you would need to order is usually 1,200 pairs. If you want to add a logo or image to one of our existing products we can get it embroidered for a minimum of 100 pairs or heat transferred for a minimum of 500 pairs. Please contact us with your proposal at orders@greatsox.com and we can give you a quote.

Q: Do you donate socks to charity?

Yes, we donate our extra socks at the end of each year to Dixon Hall, a wonderful organization which distributes our socks to homeless shelters and people in need across the east end of Toronto.

Q: Do you have any physical store locations? Can I find everything in your online store there?

Yes, we have three in total, all in the city of Toronto: our factory outlet in East York, located in the same building as our warehouse; one on Danforth Ave in the east end; and one downtown on Queen St W. You can find store hours and maps here.

No location will have every single item on our website, but the majority of our made-in-Canada socks should be available everywhere.