RWS certified
Merino Wool

Merino wool is not just wool, it’s special. It comes from merino sheep, a breed with soft wool that can be found in Australia and New Zealand. Due to intensely hot summers and cold winters the wool has adpated to be temperature regulating to keep its wearer, comfortable. Merino wool is also mositure wicking moving any wetness from the inside of the fabric to the outside where it evaporates, Because the fabric stays dry, odour causing bacteria which thrive in mosit envrionments are eliminated.

Silk Like

Rayon from Bamboo is a lightweight breathable material that wicks moisture and feels like silk. Try them out as a sports or every day sock in our line of Athletic socks from J.B.Fields, dress socks from Point Zero or Wellness socks for diabetics.

soft & insulating

The natural fibre called cashmere, known as being one of the softest fibres you can get, is a type of wool obtained from goats rather than sheep. In fact, it’s an ultra-fine fibre that is made from the undercoat of the Kashmir breed of goat; this ultra-fine quality is what makes it extremely soft and lightweight! 

certified by GOTS
Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is soft, breathable and natural fibre that is sourced from cotton that is grown using methods that have a lower impact on the environment than traditional methods. Organic methods of farming involve systems that replenish soil, reduce the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilisers as well as help build biologically diverse agriculture. 

Recycled Cotton

Instead of yarn scraps and fabric by products going to the landfill, they are shredded into a fibre and spun back into a yarn which we can use to make socks. The yarn scraps are sorted by colour so they do not have to be re-dyed.