5 Ways To Style Our Favourite Socks

There is an unfortunate assumption that we occasionally see weave its way into some attitudes towards fashion: that your socks aren’t as integral to an outfit as the rest of the pieces that make up your attire. Isn’t that just ridiculous?! When so many situations, occasions, outfits, and types of footwear all require socks, then your socks should definitely get the same amount of attention to detail. Especially when it can mean standing in them all day

A lot of the time your socks are going to be visible, so why not try match the vibe of your outfit to your socks – or even make your socks the star of the ensemble?

Interested in styling your socks more consciously, but don’t know where to start? No problem. We’ve compiled a list of ways we love to style our favourite socks to share with you. Bonus: A lot of the socks on this list are Canadian made and produced locally in Toronto. Click the links to grab yourself some pairs! Your wardrobe is beckoning.

1. For When You're Stylish & Like A Good Deal

Hunting for a sock that's stylish, functional, a multi-seasonal classic and a good deal? Wait until you hear about our Sock of the Week! This week's Sock of the Week is the "Voyageur" Cotton Boot Sock, and it's currently 40% off - down from $11 to the incredible discounted price of $6.60. Crazy, right? This 80% cotton sock is made to keep your feet in boots comfortable all day long, no matter the activity. And the fact that they're made with cotton makes them light enough for warm weather and super breathable! They come in three attractive colours, and here we've styled them with a pair of Blundstone boots for the ultimate combination of fashionable and reliable.

Girl wearing black jeans, black blundstones, and blue Voyageur cotton boot socks

2. For When You're Always on the Go

There’s a reason the 74% Merino Wool Hiker GX  is one of our best-selling and most loved socks: it’s as stylish as it is dependable. The Hiker GX comes in both crew and quarter length as well as over 10 unique colours that range from classic basics to bright pastels so you have an option for every outfit and vibe. If you are looking for something multi-coloured and with a textured look check out our new J.B.Field's Camper GX. In stead of dying the yarn with multiple colours which is done in the space dying technique we created a similar look by twisting two yarn colours into the knitting machine so it alternates bewteen them. The Camper GX comes in 4 space dye colours that you can pair with a coloured shoe lace or patterned yoga pants for a super trendy look. 

See how well our orange crew Hiker gx style compliments these low-top shoes and understated trousers? They’ll look just as complementary under your favourite pair of jeans or shorts, with loafers or sneakers, in any colour (my favourite is teal). But don’t just take my word for it – try them out! With so many options, you can’t go wrong.

No matter the ensemble or choice of shoe, these active socks will work hard to make sure your feet are dry, blister-free, and smelling great – and that’s not even mentioning the arch support and half-cushion padding!

camper gx marled merino wool socks

Woman looks out at Toronto harbourfront and skyline with CN Tower, wearing black leggings with Toronto themed socks

3. For When You're From The City

Ah yes, the well-loved and easily identifiable Toronto skyline, complete with iconic C.N. Tower and Harbourfront views… but what’s this? There’s two skylines in this photo?! That’s right. It’s easy to show everyone your Toronto pride with these vibrant “Toronto” cotton socks by Hot Sox. Wear them over leggings to make them the main focus of your outfit, or under cuffed jeans as a subtle way to show off when you’re walking downtown – in Toronto itself or otherwise! Take it from us, they’re universally loved. The friends I gifted them to in London and Melbourne said so. Skyline socks not your vibe? No problem – Hot Sox has something eye-catching for everyone!

4. For When You Want To Be Comfortable & Fashionable

Not sure who said practical can’t be fashionable, but it definitely wasn’t us. Socks like our Coolmax Sport Sock, pictured here, are easy to dress up or down, can make a statement, and keep your feet cool, dry, and comfy all day long – whether you’re at the office or heading to after work drinks! This sock is designed for spring and summer weather (and fashion!) – i.e., no smelly feet, no blisters, and no discomfort. Just style.

Close up of man wearing suede sneakers, green trousers, and white Coolmax socks
merino wool socks with tights

5. For When You're On Trend

Enjoying the current leg warmer sensation? I definitely am (thanks, tiktok). Want something a bit more versatile than leg warmers? Yeah, me too – sometimes you just need a full sock. In search of something leg warmer-esque that you can wear even in the spring and summer? Boy, have we got the sock for you.Our 96% Wool Weekender merino wool socks are multi-seasonal, incredibly soft, made to last, and look fantastic no matter which way you style them. Try colour-blocking or styling a duochrome outfit with one of the colour variations to really make them shine. Wear them with ankle boots, slightly pulled down to bunch around your ankles, and give them that classic scrunched leg warmer look! Now you’ll have no problem being on trend while still having a staple and versatile pair of socks in your wardrobe, if you ever decide you don’t like leg warmers anymore (as if, they’re a classic at this point).