Fabulous Father's Day Gift List

In case you forgot...Fathers Day this year is Sunday, June 19th 2022.  For a lot of us, shopping for dads can be difficult even on the best of days. What could he possibly want?! Did he enjoy the gift you got him last year? Will he be able to tell that this year’s gift is a little bit more last minute than it should be?! Worry not: we have put together a gift saving list! All you have to do is choose which category your dad falls under, pick one of our brilliant theme-related socks, and make a gift basket! Use our suggestions or think of some on your own – regardless, a gift basket is the perfect way to show you care.
sports dad socks
Is your dad’s garage or hallway closet filled with golf clubs, hockey sticks, baseball gloves, and various soccer balls/basketballs/footballs? The list of sports and outdoor hobbies some dads have is endless… just like our selection of sports related socks! We have a pair for everyone: golf, cyclingfootball, soccer, tennis, basketball, baseball, hockey, volleyball. Pair any of these socks with accessories for your dad’s favourite sport and a new water bottle and your dad will be spending more time doing what he loves while keeping active.  
super dad gift basket with sausage and cheese platter, super dad socks, and cocktail kit 
It’s time to add a new hero to the Marvel Cinematic Universe… Super Dad! A part your dad would play perfectly, of course (don’t be afraid to heap on the praise and insist that yes, of course, he could defeat Thor if he really tried). If you think your dad is a Super Dad, why not reward his hard work and encourage him to slow down and take a break? Gift him one of our Super Dad socks (option two!) and pair it with something fun or tasty that he can sit down and enjoy – like a selection of meats and cheeses or a DIY cocktail kit? If you’re lucky, he might share… but don’t count on it! Super Dad deserves all of his super gifts, after all.
chef dad gift basket with grill master socks, apron, and barbecue rubs
Is your dad the type to put together an immaculate breakfast spread for your family in the mornings (you know, the type that kids in movies take one slice of toast from on their way out the door before they miss the bus)? Does he enjoy weekend backyard barbecue sessions where he invites the neighbours so he can show off his grilling skills? Why not gift him some socks that allow him to show off his culinary capability even more! Search our collection of food related socks, or get more specific with chefs knives and grill masters. Don’t forget to pair it with a new apron, a knife set, or some adventurous new rubs and sauces! Maybe he’ll cook up the perfect Father’s Day BBQ as a thank you.  
music dad gift basket with music socks, recording equipment, and drum heads
We all know and love our dads individual talents… does your dad’s happen to be melodiously playing a musical instrument? Or five? Why not gift him one or more of our music related socks to show him that you recognize his talent and appreciate him bringing the gift of music to your ears! We have bands, guitars, drums, jazz themed socks and much more to customize to your dad’s individual talents and tastes. Pair them with a new mic or recording equipment, or a new pack of his favourite guitar strings or drum heads to make the ultimate musical gift basket. 
car dad gift basket with car themed socks, driving gloves, and polarized sunglasses
There are some people, like me, who can hardly tell a Porsche from a Pontiac. There are also people who can tell you the make, model, year, and specs of a car just from hearing it starting up a few blocks away. Is your dad the latter? Or at least closer to that end of the spectrum than I am? Then he might enjoy all the different car themed socks we have to offer – from vintage cars to a Miami joy ride! Pair them with some decadent driving gloves and polarized sunglasses so he can drive in comfort and in style.