Happy Earth Month - What we are doing to reduce or environmental footprint

At the Great Canadian Sox Co, we are always striving to reduce our environmental impact and run our business in a more sustainable way. 

A few things that we have done to become more sustainable are: 

sustainable practices at The Great Canadian Sox Co.

Manufacturing more with Eco-friendly materials

  • Gots certified Organic cotton
    The Global Organic Textile Standard creates the world-wide standards for sustainable textiles, from the raw materials to the harvesting, to manufacturing, GOTS makes sure that textiles are produced in the most sustainable way. To find out more information, visit their website at https://global-standard.org/

You can find our GOTS certified organic cotton items here 

  • RWS Certified Merino Wool 
    Although merino wool is a renewable source (sheep can be sheared multiple times through their lives) it is important to source muselling free and ethically sourced merino wool that is certified. This ensures that the sheep are treated ethically and the land that they graze on is protected in terms of biodiversity, soil health and native species. 

All our merino wool socks are RWS certified and come with a sticker on the back of the packaging. 

  • 98% Recycled Cotton Socks 
     Instead of yarn scraps and fabric by products going to the landfill, they are shredded into a fibre and spun back into a yarn which we can use to make socks. The yarn scraps are sorted by colour so they do not have to be re-dyed. 

Our 98% recycled slipper socks come in two sizes and 5 colourways. 

New compostable mailers for online orders 

Since the mailer bags are compostable you can throw them in your household compost. Just make sure to cut out the shipping label which is plastic. 

Offering customers no packaging for online orders

We started this initiative in 2021 and since have reused 2400 pieces of packaging which otherwise might have ended up in the garbage. 

Selling factory imperfections for less waste

In manufacturing, mistakes happen and when they do, we don't want them to go to waste. We sell our manufacture "defects" in our factory outlet and online, these are aesthetic issues such as a misplaced yarn that is most likely not noticeable to the untrained eye

Shop our Clearanace section here and look for all product listings that say 'Slightly Imperfect'  

Collecting clean used socks at all store locations to be recycled into dog beds - April 18th to 30th 2022

Check our contact us page for all locations and hours. 

recycling socks