How We're Doing Better for Our Planet-Earth Day


In our factory and our retail locations we are always looking for new ways to help reduce waste and be more sustainable as a company.


This year we have added a few new procedures to our business to help do our part as a company to be better for our planet. To celebrate Earth Day we wanted to share some of the things we are doing to improve our carbon footprint as a company.


We are aware that we are not perfect and we still have work to do but we are working towards being less wasteful and using the best materials for the environment. 

These are just the few things we are doing as a company to be better 

Manufacturing more with Eco-friendly materials

  • Organic cotton
    The Global Organic Textile Standard creates the world-wide standards for sustainable textiles, from the raw materials to the harvesting, to manufacturing GOTS makes sure that textiles are produced in the most sustainable way. To find out more information, visit their website at

You can find our organic cotton items here 

  • Bamboo is one of the most Eco-friendly materials as well as being one of the most comfortable and breathable making it a perfect material for socks. We have been increasing the use of bamboo in our socks and have been seeing great results. Nothing like being more comfortable and helping the environment. 

You can check out our bamboo items here 

New compostable mailers for online orders (Coming Soon)

- We are currently working on sourcing the most eco-friendly mailers for our online orders to be shipped in, so our customers can feel good about their shipment from us. 

Offering customers no packaging in online orders to save paper

- We have just recently added a new item to our online store where customers can choose to receive their order with no packaging. Because we manufacture our own socks we can reuse this packaging on new orders, reducing the amount of paper being used

Selling factory imperfections for less waste

- In manufacturing, mistakes happen and when they do we don't want them to go to waste. We sell our manufacture "defects" in our factory outlet and online, these are aesthetic issues such as a misplaced yarn that is most likely not noticeable to the untrained eye

Shop our slightly imperfect section here 

Offering paperless receipts and paper bags in store

- We offer our in store customers the option to receive their receipts over email or text message as well as paper bags for their purchase in order to help reduce the waste coming out of our stores