Summer Sock Guide

Just because summer is here doesn't mean you have to go sockless. Unless you wear sandals all summer, we hope you are still wearing socks with your shoes. Socks in shoes prevent odour causing bacteria from growing and foot infections. This layer of fabric absorbs and wicks sweat away from your skin so your feet don't feel clammy, protects your feet from dust and pollution and prevents blisters by reducing chafing. 

benefits or wearing socks

Keeping your feet dry.

Certain materials do wick moisture better than others. Moisture wicking is the act of moving water molecules or sweat from the inside of the fabric to the outside of the fabric, where it will evaporate.

moisture wicking fabric The top moisture-wicking fabrics include polyester, polypropylene, merino wool, wool, nylon, and bamboo. If you don't mind wearing synthetic socks, our Coolmax socks, an engineered polyester, are super soft and great at keeping your feet dry during summer activities. Polypropylene socks found in our liners can be worn on their own in summer or underneath a thicker sock in winter. Our Merino wool socks come in various weights, and we have a few great low-cut and lightweight socks for summer hiking and dress wear. Nylon is found in many Stance performance socks, and bamboo is used in all of our J.B.Field's athletic socks and many Vagden or Point Zero bamboo dress socks. 

 Ankle socks for summer 

On top of wearing a moisture-wicking fabric, you can beat the heat with low-cut socks. These low-cut socks come in various lengths, as the chart below shows. Check out our low-cut collection and use the side filters to find your desired material and length. 

low cut sock length chart