Our Favourite Holiday Socks!

It might seem crazy that the end of the year is almost upon us – wasn’t it summer just a few weeks ago?! – but year’s end brings around one of our favourite times of year: the holiday season. What better way to survive the cold than to distract yourself with holiday cheer, beautiful decorations, warm drinks, and delicious treats? Well, I can think of one thing better: doing it in style. Here at The Great Canadian Sox Shop, we love the holidays, and we want you to have as many options as you can to show off your love of the holiday season, too. Read on to see all our incredible options, from gingerbread cookies to dinosaurs in Christmas sweaters.

Holiday Food Socks

holiday food socks
What’s your favourite part of the holiday season? For me, and for many of you I’m sure, it’s just how delectable the holidays can be. Gingerbread (both of the man and house variety), candy canes, cookies in the shapes of Christmas trees… how can one resist?! That’s not even to mention the delicious holiday drinks that come out during the cold – mulled wine, hot toddies, or, well, plain old beer works too! If you’re on a diet during December, sorry, you’re not anymore. Gift one of these socks to your favourite holiday foodie along with their favourite treat! 

Hanukkah Socks

hanukkah socks
Christmas is not the only beautiful celebration that takes place during December. Don’t forget to wish your friends a “Hanukkah Sameach!” (Happy Hanukkah!). Gift your loved ones, or wear proudly yourself, one of our Hanukkah-themed socks, decorated with menorahs, dreidels, and sufganiyot (jelly doughnuts). Why not grab multiple pairs and wear one each day of Hanukkah? Wear a pair of "Lets Get Lit" socks and who knows, they might just improve your dreidel skills.

Holiday Movie Socks

holiday movie socks
If you ask someone what their guilty pleasure movie is, there’s a big chance they’re going to say a holiday film – for some reason, people are really embarrassed to love cheesy holiday movies! This is when you pull up your pant leg and show off one of our stylish character socks and proclaim, “What are you talking about, guilty?! Holiday movies are the best movies!” with all the enthusiasm of Buddy the Elf (and our second style!). Or, if you’re in a particular mood that day, you can say just the opposite of that with all the heart of the Grinch (and our second fuzzy style!).

Santa Socks

santa socks
What better way to rep your holiday cheer than by wearing socks featuring the big man himself? By big man we mean, of course, Santa. Nothing symbolizes Christmas cheer like Santa’s smiling face eating all our milk and cookies. We have socks with fuzzy Santa (two options, in fact, since his beard is just that magnificent), Santa hanging out with his best buddy Rudolph, Santa doing yoga, and Santa going surfing (wow, he really is living the life, isn’t he? I guess flying around delivering gifts to the entire world in one night does warrant a nice vacation!). Pick your favourite pair to wear on Christmas day – or gift to that one friend whose beard just keeps getting bigger and bigger.  

Christmas Animal Socks

christmas animal socks
What would the holiday season be without our furry little friends to keep us company? To sit sleeping on our laps, to frolic out in the snow with, to steal the nicely wrapped presents to rip them open and then jump onto the Christmas tree and knock all the ornaments off… no? Just my household? Anyway, we have plenty of holiday-spirit-infused socks for a wide range of animal lovers. We have our “baaa humbug” sheep, our “Merry Rex-mas” dinosaurs putting up Christmas lights, our other dinosaurs wearing their favourite Christmas sweaters, our favourite festive felines, and of course, Santa’s little helper, socks for pug-mas.