Our Top Non-Elastic Styles for Diabetics (And Anyone Else!)

When it comes to choosing the correct type of sock, not all socks are equal – it depends on your own preferences, intended use, and even any specific ailments you might have. One common example is non-elastic socks. Non-elastic socks are also referred to as diabetic socks due to the great benefits they offer diabetics and their sensitive feet . . . or anyone who wants their feet to be restriction-free and dislikes that line that socks leave on your calves after you take them off. 

So, what exactly makes non-elastic socks so great for diabetics? The lack of tight elastic in the top band of these socks prevents the restriction of circulation. Aside from helping to prevent blood clots, promoting healthy circulation is key with diabetes to help avoid diabetic foot problems and the potential healing issues that accompany foot sores. A lot of socks made for diabetics also have seamless toes to prevent rubbing and chafing on sensitive skin, and a cushioned or padded sole for added comfort and to help remain blister free!

Have the terms “non-elastic” and “seamless” potentially put images of generic, slouchy socks in your head? Fear not – we have plenty of socks made with diabetics in mind, ranging from solid black cotton to patterned bamboo dress socks. Due to a stretchy material, these socks stay up on your calves and they are technically loose-elastic or designed to flare out, not taper in so that they are not tight but also don't fall down. 
wellness non elastic socks for diabetics

It’s not only people with diabetes that might struggle with swelling, blisters, and poor circulation – I might experience all three on a good day when playing sports too intensely (or at all… depending on how my gym routine has been going). Thankfully, our top made in Toronto brand J.B. Field’s has these Diabetic Holofiber Sport/Casual low-cut socks that are perfect for anyone who needs to keep their feet safe while being active. The Holofiber material these socks are made from is a perfect summer material that also helps increase circulation and speed up recovery. They are, of course, non-binding, and offer moisture wicking – key to preventing blisters – and a cushion padded sole for comfort and protection. They’re the perfect non-elastic summer socks, for diabetics or anyone else who enjoys dry, pain-free feet.

 holofiber low cut diabetic socks

Wellness is a Canadian brand that does diabetic socks well. They come in both bamboo and cotton materials, both plain coloured and patterned. Don’t let your toes be miserable and scratchy in your loafers like the rest of your coworkers – these striped bamboo socks are the perfect non-elastic dress pair to wear to the office and make everyone jealous with your perfect combination of style and comfort. This pair’s seamless toe, non-elastic top, and lightweight and breathable bamboo qualities are unmatched in a summer office environment!

wellness bamboo non-elastic dress socks

Looking for a luxurious sock that you can wear when the weather cools down? Are your feet getting jealous of the fancy logo belt your trousers they are paired with every day? Spoil them with our silky soft non-binding Cashmere and Merino Wool blend socks. These socks are perfect for diabetics, or anyone who loves affordable luxury. They are cushioned but lightweight, protecting your feet and adding comfort without bulk; can be dressed up or down, useful for any occasion; and most importantly, have a soft, non-binding top that will ensure your calves are never irritated.

cashmere and merino wool blend non-binding socks

Like what you see? Don't forget to head over and check out the rest of our non-elastic, non-binding socks - if you're diabetic or not, these features can benefit anyone.