Mid-weight Socks for Spring

socks for spring
As winter comes to an end and you put your warm, heavy clothes away for next season, you can't help but get excited to bring out your spring wardrobe. I know in Canada most people say you go straight from winter to summer but would you really want to wear thin dress socks in April? For at least 2 months you need apparel that is not too hot or not too thin so you get cold. And when considering those cooler summer nights we believe that any of our mid-weight socks are the way to go. Mid-weight, half cushioned, padded...whatever you want to call it, they are not only comfortable but season appropriate. 

Spring Hiking Socks 
For spring hiking we would recommend any mid-weight sock in merino wool or a merino blend. You can choose the length depending on your preference. Merino wool is great for the spring since it is a temperature regulating and moisture wicking fibre that will keep your foot temperature comfortable and skin dry. Our popular Hiker gx has a temperature range of -10C to +20C degrees so it should cover all spring temperatures in North America. This year we came out with a patterned tree lined version of our most popular 74% merino wool hiking sock. It's called the J.B.Field's Merino Wool Boreal Hiking Sock 
merino wool hiking sock
Casual Spring Socks 
For everyday wear we have a few great options for spring depending on what material you like. If you are a fan of cotton you can try any of our mid-weight cotton crew socks that are made with a high percentage of the material. The Great Sox Spaced Dyed Cotton Crew Sock is a fashionable option with invisible toe seam, calf ribbing and 66% cotton for a comfortable fit. It comes in 4 two tone pastel colours. 
cotton socks with cushioning
If you prefer merino wool, our 96% merino wool weekender is a soft and light to mid-weight option for people that need moisture wicking socks with as natural content as possible. People always think that because it has a high content of wool it is sock only for cold weather but it actually also depends on the density of the knit. These socks are a low-density knit (think granma's knit sweater) so  they are super breathable and you fit them into dress or running shoes. As one of our best selling socks we came out with two new pastel colours this year; pink & blue. 

96% merino wool socks
And if you like bamboo for its silky texture we would recommend the mid-weight J.B.Field's Bamboo Sport sock which can be worn for workouts or running errands. The cushioned bottom feels like a gel sole and reduces impact with every step. Also bamboo is cooler and more moisture wicking than cotton and can be worn throughout the summer as well. 
bamboo socks for spring & summer

Fashionable Socks for Spring 
Most dress socks on our website are light-weight with the exception of a few light cushioned socks which we believe are great options for spring weather. 
Stance is a popular lifestyle brand that carries mid-weight socks in plain or simple patterned styles. Also all Odd Sox, a pop-culture sock brand from the U.S, have a cushioned sole for extra comfort.