Merino Wool....the Best All Season Fibre!

merino wool socks

Thought wool was a material only wearable in cold weather? Think again! Spring is just around the corner in the Northern Hemisphere and our 96% Merino Wool Weekender socks, the highest content merino wool sock we make, are our favourite pick for the milder weather we’re about to experience.

Merino wool is not just wool, it’s special. It comes from merino sheep, a breed that can be found in Australia and New Zealand, among other countries, that experience both intensely hot summers and intensely cold winters - needing to acclimatize to either temperature extreme, the wool on merino sheep adapted special qualities that allowed the animals to be comfortable year-round.

merino sheep

How does this work? Wool has a natural crimp in it that helps trap dead air, which in turn provides insulation and warmth. However, one of the most amazing feats of merino wool is how it acts when the wearer gets hot. It’s a porous material, so as your body warms up, moisture gets trapped in the fibres and evaporates. This evaporation begins to cool the air between your skin and the fabric - leading to cool and comfortable feet (and sheep)! This process is inherently different to that of synthetic fabrics, which are not porous, and make your body do all the work to heat itself up to evaporate sweat. Let the socks do the work.

moisture wicking

The best part? Apart from being lightweight, breathable, and extremely soft due to the lower micron width per strand (no itch!), merino wool is also uniquely moisture wicking and odour resistant. When you wear a pair of our merino wool socks, you don’t have to worry about what smells or bacteria might be lurking within your shoe at the end of a long work day, or during a sweat-inducing hike. When you let merino wool do the work for you, all you’ll have to worry about is which colour socks will match your outfit that day!

Wear merino wool socks at home with your feet propped up and a good book. Wear them when you’re multiple hours into your hike, perhaps cursing yourself but definitely giving many thanks that your feet are dry and blister-free. Wear them during your winter run to keep your feet warm but not too hot. Wear them during a city stroll with your hipster shoes. Wear them at the cottage relaxing by the lake with no shoes. 

ways to wear merino wool

Hooked yet? You’re just in luck. Our 96% Merino Wool Weekender socks are 40% OFF for this week’s Sock of the Week - March 11th - 17th midnight. Bonus? They’re lovingly made right here in Toronto. Grab a few pairs so you can start enjoying the benefits of more comfortable feet ASAP!

Interested in merino wool for a variety of activities such as hiking, winter wear, dress wear or lounging? Check out our complete selection of merino wool socks from our house brand J.B.Field's.