The Best Ways To Style Knee High Socks

One of the perks of the seasons changing is the opportunity to refresh your wardrobe! What better way to feel renewed than by modelling some incredible new outfits and feeling like the main character wherever you go? However, it's not always feasible to debut a new wardrobe with every season. Thankfully, we know of one great hack to make your existing clothing collection feel new and exciting all over again: add some socks!
Knee high socks have always been a staple item and appear in fashion trends year after year, never falling out of style. Read on to find out our favourites way to incorporate knee high socks into our outfits - with some of our favourite Canadian made knee high sock choices!

Colour Blocking / Duo Tone

Colour blocking outfit with knee high socks
This isn’t actually an example of true colour blocking, which is when you take two colours that are opposite on the colour wheel and pair them in different components of your outfit – but considering each element in this outfit is a solid colour, I consider it close enough! You could also call this a duotone or duo chromatic outfit – using two colours. Adding knee high socks to this combination adds an element of visual interest and shows you put a lot of thought into combining your individual items of clothing to make a cohesive ensemble. These are the Me Moi Bamboo Blend Solid Knit Knee High Socks in the colour Khaki – not only are they stylish, the bamboo blend makes them breathable, lightweight, and incredibly soft!  

Dark Academia / Collegiate

Dark academia outfit with knee high socks
Are your favourite novels set in mysterious and prestigious university campuses, populated with grand brick buildings whose walls are crawling with ivy vines? Are your favourite subjects Ancient Greek, Latin, and history? Do you find yourself frequenting coffee shops and old libraries, sitting in window seats with pen and paper, longingly gazing at the moody rain through the thick glass? Or perhaps you just like looking incredibly academic! There’s no better way to capture the collegiate and dark academia vibe like donning knee high socks. Don’t forget the chunky loafers, sweater vest, and a turtleneck or button down shirt! Bonus: wear your knee high socks on top of patterned tights to add visual interest. You’ll feel like you’re part of an elite group of students studying Classics in no time. The Me Moi Bamboo Blend Solid Knit Knee High Socks in Black are the essential sock for your academia-themed (dark or otherwise) wardrobe.

Office Wear / Happy Hour

Office appropriate outfit with knee high socks
Photo: Getty Images
Has the change in seasons and the newly warming air made you excited for patio cocktails with your colleagues? Or has the seasonal renewal made you feel like you need a change in your work wardrobe? Add knee or thigh high socks to your stylish workplace outfits instead of tights to introduce some variety to your office essentials! This monochromatic look is fashion forward while still being appropriate for your 9-5 (and your 5-9 after work – just swap out the flat shoes for boots or heels and you’re happy hour ready!). Choosing black knee-high socks helps keep the ensemble looking chic while ensuring you still look indomitable for the work day. The 90% cotton Knee High Socks by Point Zero are comfortable and classy enough for the workplace and the after-work drinks – perfect for a Friday. Or a Monday. Or a Wednesday. I mean, there’s a happy hour every day, isn’t there?

At The Gym / Home Workout

Gym outfit with knee high socks

There’s lots of things to remember when you start a workout: your gym shoes, your water bottle, your phone to scroll through social media in between exercises. But something you should never forget when you head to the gym or start your at home workout is socks. Wearing workout shoes without socks can lead to chafing, blisters, and sweaty-smelling shoes in no time. And working out barefoot in a place like a public gym can lead to fungal infections due to the shared surfaces. Socks protect your feet and lead to a safer, more comfortable workout. But that’s not all they should do - use your socks to show off your style and personality while exercising! Confidence in your comfort and style can make for a better workout, and even motivate you to exercise if you know your gym outfit is fantastic. Wearing knee high socks under your workout shorts or overtop your leggings will add extra protection to your shins when you’re performing barbell-based exercises like deadlifts – and will show everyone else that you can definitely be fashionable while sweating. Choose a colourful pair like the Me Moi Bamboo Blend Solid Knit Knee High Socks in Purple Passion (or Fuschia or Teal!) and pair it with a workout top for a cohesive gym ‘fit. Not to mention the bamboo blend is breathable and lightweight, perfect for an intense exercise session.

Comfort Cozy / Your Day Off

knee high merino wool socks

Sometimes, the ideal day is just staying home on the couch with a nice cup of tea or coffee, with a good book (or, you know, a trash reality TV show – no judgment here!). But that doesn’t mean those days have to be unfashionable or slovenly – quite the opposite. There is something freeing about knowing you can look great even with no one to impress, and feel incredibly comfortable doing it. That’s where the knee high, or even over-the-knee, socks come in. What could be better than having the clothes you’re wearing feel like a warm, soft blanket on your comfy day off? That’s exactly what the Vagden Bermuda Merino Wool Knee-High Socks feel like. Made with 65% merino wool, these socks are lightweight, breathable, moisture wicking, odour resistant, and incredibly soft. They’ll keep you warm and cozy at home without the threat of over-heating even in warmer weather, so you can experience your comfy cozy days year round feeling like you’re walking on clouds. Almost literally!