The Perfect Mother's Day Gift

Mother’s Day is on May 8th, 2022. That’s in just over two weeks! Oh no, have you forgotten to make a list of potential gifts that your mom might have mentioned over the past year? Are you panicking over the seemingly short timeframe before you’re meant to present her with a token of your love that Sunday morning? Don’t worry, we have the solution to all your problems. We’ve compiled a list of a few gift ideas, depending on what your mom’s interests are – and if you’re ordering from Canada, our orders only take 5-7 calendar days to arrive!

Everyone needs socks. We all wear them. And everyone appreciates personalized socks – it means you really know who you’re gifting them to! Check out our list below of a few common interests that your mom might have to find the perfect pair of sock to gift her, and some additional add-on ideas to make the ultimate Mother’s Day present: The Gift Basket. Everyone loves a gift basket.

The Outdoorsy Mom 

Were your weekends as a kid spent outdoors with your mom? Or has she perhaps taken up long walks, hiking, sports, or other outdoorsy activities and is telling you how much she enjoys them? Whether a seasoned hiker or a newbie looking to get into exploring the great outdoors, anyone will appreciate a good care package of outdoors essentials! And the star of the show? This week’s Sock of the Week, the J.B. Field’s Summer Hiker Merino Wool Sock! Our 64% merino wool summer hiking sock, designed and made in Toronto, is our favourite ankle-length sock to take you anywhere you need to go outside when the weather heats up. The lightweight construction includes a mesh top, half cushion and arch support, and the moisture-wicking merino wool is unparalleled when it comes to keeping your feet dry and blister free. And to compliment the Summer Hiker, why not pair it with a few other must-haves most outdoors-inclined people will appreciate – like a new backpack or insulated water bottle?

Don’t forget: since the Summer Hiker is our current Sock of the Week,  it’s 40% off from now until midnight on April 28th!

The Super Mom

Is your mom a Super Mom? We bet she is. A Super Mom is whoever you think deserves the title – if you appreciate her, she’s a Super Mom! Why not reward your Super Mom’s hard work by building her a decadent, relaxing gift basket? Gift her one of our Super Mom socks – options one, two and three – and pair it with a few items will show her your love and encourage her to take a break? Bath bombs, candles, or an essential oil diffuser … and oh, don’t forget the flowers! Try to order them in advance this year and not just stop off at the grocery store the morning of!

The Coffee Mom

Is the first thing your mom does when she wakes up is grab her favourite mug and fill it to the top with intoxicatingly-scented coffee? We can definitely relate. Quite a few of us need one or two cups before we feel human in the morning! And people who love coffee usually, well, love coffee. Gift your mom one of our coffee themed socks – this one by Hot Sox is my favourite, but we have many more to choose from – and win the #1 child award this Mother’s Day by making a gift basket with a restock of her favourite coffee beans, a new mug or travel mug for her to enjoy every morning, or even a brand new French press! With coffee, the possibilities are endless (and that’s how we feel after the first cup of the day!).

The Artsy Mom

Is your mom the type to always have a paintbrush, piece of charcoal, or lump of moulding clay in her hands? Does she love to express herself visually or go to galleries and museums? Why not acknowledge her artistic interests with some of our art themed socks! We have many artist socks from Hot Sox, from Raphael to Degas, perfect for your mom to show off her artistic inclination. Trust me, people who appreciate art history love to talk about it whenever they get the chance – I would know. Or how about these art supplies socks? Add some art-related items, like a sketchbook, watercolour kit, or art history book to make the perfect artsy gift basket! 

The Foodie Mom

Most of us will know someone that frequently orders the most exotic things on the menu, seeks out the best ingredients, or spends most of their time in the kitchen perfecting new, complex recipes. For these people, food and eating is much more than a way to get nutrients into the body – it’s a full-fledged experience, and they want the best! Is this person your mom? Then why not build her the ultimate foodie gift basket? Pick one of our many food-inspired socks – from cooking to wine and cheese to brunch – and pair it with things all food-lovers appreciate, like a new knife set, gourmet spices, or a customizable recipe book!

So there you have it - five different types of gift baskets you could potentially gift your mom this upcoming Mother's Day! She's sure to be impressed and especially thankful... even if you forget the flowers!