About J.B. Field's

where it all started

Tavistock, ON

"In 1877 a woolen mill was established by John Gerhardt Field's employing four hands. Mr. Field has succeeded in building up a large trade in manufacturing woolen goods of all kinds which were shipped to every corner of Canada" Orginally set up to manufacture socks for the logging industry, they expanded to work boot wear and winter boot socks.

On the Factory Floor


By 1937, 26 knitting machines were running, by 1966, 56 and 1977, close to 100. Merino wool was shipped from New Zealand in huge containers upto 20,000 lbs. They even supplied yarn to woolen mills in Stratford and and Godrich to make socks and gloves for WWI. Mr. Field's son took over the business until 1953 when Mr. Sam McDougall became president of the company.


London Mills

In 1971, Field's bought out London Hosiery Mills which manufactured only fine hosiery while the tavistock plant made strictly heavy boot socks.

Some of the customers include the Bay, Eatons

Family Buiness still today

Meet the Khimasias

The current owner, Sunil Khimasia bought Ontario Hosiery in 1980 with his brother Bipin. At first they made socks for brands such as Reebok, Fila, Champion and Roots when things used to be made in Canada. In 1998 they bought over the brand J.B.Field's and to this day focus on quality merino wool boot socks for work and outdoor wear.

Sunil's son, Sid joined the business in 2008 and look's after all e-commerce platforms, marketing and sales. While his daughter, Priyanka, who joined in 2015, opened and runs four retail stores and helps with digital marketing.