Our Philosophy

Socks are no longer a commodity. Technological innovations are very much at the forefront in the textile industry. Innovation in sock machinery and fiber production has now opened up construction possibilities that were unimaginable only a few years ago.

At Great Canadian Sox, we constantly seek out and apply improved technologies to our design and manufacturing process. Our Design team is constantly in touch with Research Laboratories such as Dupont ®, reviewing and implementing product improvements. We ensure that, at all times, we provide our customers with the best product and value.



 Technical Fibers - The Yarns

Duraspun®  Monsanto's easy care yarn for warmth, wicking and low bulk.

Hollofil®  Dupont's engineered yarn that minimizes loss of heat, without creating bulk.

Coolmax®  Dupont's unique, four channel fiber for total moisture management. Polypropylene Ensures higher thermal insulation and wicking action.

Thermolite®  Dupont's micro-sized hollow fibers that trap heat without adding bulk.

Lycra®  Dupont's elastic yarn for improved fit and superior performance.

Merino Wool  The finest quality of easy care wool for exceptional warmth and softness.

Preshrunk Wool  Easy care wool - machine washable and tumble dryable.

Celliant (Holofiber) - ​A revolutionary new material with amazing properties! Clinical studies show that wearing celliant can increase oxygenation in the blood stream anywhere from 8-12%, allowing you to recover faster and feel more energized.

Rayon from Bamboo  Natural, Renewable, Biodegradable, Anti-microbial / Natural Deodorizer. It is great at wicking away moisture helping regulate body temperature!​ Celliant for socks coolmax Sock technology

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