Cashmere: The Softest Socks For Your Comfort!

We hear a lot about cashmere and how luxurious a material it is – how someone has a favourite special occasion cashmere sweater, how soft and silky someone’s beautiful cashmere scarf is, how great their cashmere hat feels on their ears. Should the decadence of cashmere be reserved for sweaters and accessories? Absolutely not! Your feet deserve some of that soft and silky luxury, too!
Did you know our made in Canada cashmere socks are a blend of merino wool and cashmere? This unique blend makes them both incredibly soft, durable, and affordable! You can wear them year-round, and they’re suitable to pair with dress clothes for work or dress down for lounging at home.
cashmere socks for at home
At Great Sox we have four cashmere-merino blend products on offer: Our incredible Sock of the Week at 40% off, the J.B. Field’s Muted Striped Merino & Cashmere Bootsock, comes in 2 colourways, a quarter length and mid-weight. With mother's day coming up why not give the gift of luxury while not breaking the bank. In a light-weight sock we have the J.B. Field’s Casual Cashmere/Merino Ribbed Sock, which comes in 5 colours and the J.B. Field’s Casual Cashmere/Merino Blend Non-Binding Sock, which comes in 8 different colours and is the perfect merino cashmere blend sock for diabetics, or anyone who needs a non-binding alternative! And finally for all skiing enthusiasts we have the J.B.Field's Alpine Luxury Ski Sock which is a heavy weight, knee high boot sock that will keep you warm and dry on the slopes. 
cashmere socks made in canada
So, what exactly is cashmere and why should you absolutely buy socks made from it? The natural fibre called cashmere, known as being one of the softest fibres you can get, is a type of wool obtained from goats rather than sheep. In fact, it’s an ultra-fine fibre that is made from the undercoat of the Kashmir breed of goat; this ultra-fine quality is what makes it extremely soft and lightweight! 
What are the (many) benefits of cashmere? Well, if you’re familiar with merino wool, cashmere shares many of the same properties and benefits. Like merino wool, cashmere is breathable, insulating, and has antibacterial properties. In fact, cashmere and merino are the two softest wools you can get! 
A great benefit of wool, including cashmere, is moisture and temperature regulation; after all, wool is originally meant to keep animals dry, warm (in the winter), and cool (in the summer). Odour-causing bacteria needs a moist environment to survive, and when there’s no moisture because of these incredible cashmere benefits…? Well, then there’s no odour! 
Not only that, but the temperature-regulating ability makes cashmere a multi-seasonal fabric. So, now you know that with cashmere socks you won’t sweat, bacteria won’t breed, your feet won’t smell, and it’s so darn soft and comfortable that all these amazing qualities are honestly second to just how incredible cashmere socks will actually feel on your feet! 
cashmere socks made in Canada